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Notice of Invitation to Negotiate

Insurance Claims Handling Consultant Services

STATEMENT OF WORK: In connection with the conduct of the audit of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation (CPIC) required by Section 627.351(6)(m), Florida Statutes, the Florida Auditor General is seeking to engage the services of a property insurance industry expert to assist the Auditor General in the examination of the data, files, and documentation maintained by the CPIC or its agents in relation to submitted claims.

REPLIES: Replies must be submitted in accordance with the content set forth in the Auditor General’s Invitation to Negotiate for Insurance Claims Handling Consultant Services (ITN) No. 23-01, dated September 22, 2023. Copies of this document are available below.

DATES: All interested consultants are required to submit a mandatory but non-binding notification of intent to submit reply, which must be received by the contact person no later than 2:00 P.M. EST, on September 29, 2023. The Auditor General will have further communications after that date only with those persons who indicated their intent to submit a reply for this project.

ITN No. 23-01 Notice of Intended Award

ITN No. 23-01